Our Films

We produce two types of films: PARTNERSHIPS are filmed over a period of time with an in-depth focus on strategic, capacity-building goals. DOC IN A DAY films are produced over a weekend and are event-based.
With the help of our team of interns, we are also able to produce two other varieties of films: DC HERO and VIDEO BLOGS. DC HERO projects focus on individuals doing great things in our DC community and are produced, filmed, and edited by our interns. VIDEO BLOGS are also edited by our interns and serve to supplement our partnership stories by showing behind-the-scenes details of our shoots.

Doc in a Day
DC Hero
Video Blog
Commissioned Films

Inscape Publico


Inscape Publico from Stone Soup Films on Vimeo.

Tracey Madigan & Greg Walsh, Producers
Sam Beattie
Maria Luz Bravo
Devin Gallagher
William Kyburz
Melissa Rogers
Christian Savini
Dunstan Thompson