At Stone Soup Films, we help non-profits tell better stories through film, like the one you see above.
Reach is one of 19 nonprofits that received $465k worth of pro bono film & media services from us in 2013. We work hard to harness the power of documentary storytelling as a tool for community engagement, cause advocacy, and delivering a powerful, direct, message to help educate and motivate viewers.

And it all starts with a camera.
Cameras are at the heart and soul of all we do. Stone Soup organizes professional talent to produce pro-bono films for non-profits, so we need our volunteers to have the best tools necessary to help them tell the stories of the non-profits we represent.

But we need your help.
We have had our current camera, a Panasonic HMC150, since 2010. During this time, it has been an essential part of our films, capturing hundreds of hours of footage in the field. This camera represents stories that may have never been told. Volunteers that may have never been motivated. Our camera is critical to our organization.

Technology changes, our volunteers get more tech savvy, and we need to add to the equipment we have to keep up with professional standards. We are always striving to raise the overall visual quality of our pieces and this new camera will allow us to tell these stories in the way they deserve to be told.

You can help us tell stories.
We are in the process of raising $6,000 to buy a new camera & lenses, with which we will convey the stories of countless non-profits to come.
Your donation of any size (no amount too small) will directly contribute to telling the story of these worthy organizations, making the impact of your dollar stretch further than you can imagine. Thank you!


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