The Anacostia River: Making Connections


The Anacostia River: Making Connections from Stone Soup Films on Vimeo.

For decades, heavy industrial pollution has infiltrated the waters of the Anacostia River, which cuts right through the heart of Washington DC. A broad coalition of city and US officials, nonprofits and corporations are working hard to reverse those effects. This issue is seen by many as one of environmental justice as the river not only divides the city geographically but socioeconomically and culturally as well. Anacostia River: Making Connections takes a hard look at the issues involved, the progress thus far and the stakes involved in making the river fishable and swimmable for future generations.

Liz Norton, Producer
Alvin Adadevoh
Erica Ales
Lee Cain
Sash Callsen, animation
Celene Di Stasio
Karolina Ensor
Sean Finn
Sara Fusco, editor
Heath Harckham
Alex Houston
Adam Joel
Megan King
Nicholas Kurtz
Dominic Mann
Kimberly McFarland
Leigh Mosley
Patrick Moynahan
Kate Patterson
John Picklap
Robert Romano
Melissa Rogers
Chaya Shapiro
Gregory Walsh